Bringing the spice of a smile to every action

In Thailand, peace and harmony are the most precious things for its people.
In the Land of Smiles, we can see many smiles.
We will launch new products and ideas from Thailand to the world, working to build relationships with warm and easy-to-access hearts.

  • Semiconductors and electronics

    We develop clean room products which include gloves and wipers. We support our customers by employing our advantageous business style with the ability to provide the same high-quality products and services as in Japan. In addition, we discuss with supplying manufacturers directly when developing new products, thereby quickly responding to constant changing needs in the rapidly changing industry.

  • Automotive industry

    For customers in the automotive industry, we make proposals and develop products focusing on energy conservation.
    We propose and sell energy-saving products such as “thermo resin,” a heat-shielding coating used in casting furnaces, which otherwise consume lots of electricity and gas, and cleaning tools that extend the life of cutting oil during machining.

  • Food

    We supply sanitary consumables of the same quality and safety as in Japan, mainly for Japanese customers here. In food factories in Thailand in recent years, hygiene management has become strict just like in Japan.
    Our strength is that we can quickly collect information on new management methods and newly released products from Japan and propose them to customers.



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