Taiwan is not just Taiwan:
Change starting from Taiwan

Taiwan is said to be one of the most friendly countries in the world. As members of Harada Group, we aim to maximize the value of our existence by having the courage to face challenges and utilizing this friendly spirit to transmit our positive energy to all the other overseas offices.

  • Subsidiary materials for semiconductors and electronics (wipers, gloves, anti-static mats)

    It handles materials for clean rooms, such as gloves and wipers, adopted in manufacturing sites, which require a high degree of cleanliness, in Japan and South Korea where technological advances are remarkable. It proposes solutions optical to solve such issues as contamination control, micro-dust control and static control.

  • Anti-static products

    It handles a wide range of equipment that contributes to the improvement of cleanliness and devices to eliminate static electricity that is strictly controlled in the semiconductor industry and the electronics industry. It also provides good after-sales services and support for the visualization of static problems by offering solutions that meet customer needs.

  • Sanitary materials for food factories

    It handles hygienic materials for countermeasures against foreign substance mixture, such as gloves, masks and arms covers, which are used in Japanese food factories where very strict food safety standards shall be met. It also proposes solutions to ensure food safety.

  • Food and Raw Materials

    The rapid change in food culture is no exception even in Taiwan, where Japanese food is spread widely. Under such circumstances, it makes proposals for the creation of future-oriented, new and unique food cultures through the close sharing of information with many technically advanced Japanese food suppliers.

  • Machines to make ice from seawater

    It handles machines to make ice from seawater, which are usable on board and on land for longer “freshness” that determines the value of fishery products.
    In order to provide safe food to consumers, it proposes equipment that utilizes Japan's outstanding technology. In addition, it has been contributing to the creation of new food cultures and also to the enhancement of international competitiveness.

  • Sanitary Materials for Pharmaceutical Plants and Laboratories

    For pharmaceutical plants and laboratories, it handles hygienic materials, such as sterilized gloves and IPA cleaners, developed based on the experience and expertise accumulated over many years in Japan. It also proposes PIC/S GMP meeting sanitary materials.



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