Grow together with customers by providing satisfaction to Gemba in ASEAN region

We flexibly capture the diversity of values and criteria on ASEAN region, and provide fulfillment to Gemba.

  • Electronics - Static Control

    We provide solutions, such as models and installation methods, that can solve customer's challenges at their manufacturing sites.
    As quality requirements become stricter everyday, measures against product breakage due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and foreign substance adhesion (ESA: Electrostatic Attraction) are urgently needed.
    We can highly contribute in solving our customer's issues by our products, such as an ionizer that can be used in a controlled environment, an ultimate ionizer equipped with soft X-rays and a room ionizer that can remove static electricity from the entire area.

  • Electronics - Factory Automation (FA)

    We propose solutions, such as automatic cleaning equipment, to meet the increasingly demand for automation in recent years.
    Many companies are introducing automatic cleaning machines, such as rollers that automatically remove foreign substances, roll-wiper units and washing machines that automatically remove stubborn dirt.
    In future, we will have a wider range of products that can further contribute to automation and solving customer’s issues.

  • Electronics - Contamination control

    The four principles of cleanrooms are: "Do not bring, do not generate it, do not store and eliminate contamination."
    We provide our unique items according to these principles.
    As a specialized team of contamination control for more than 30 years, we have the strength of good experiences and achievements in helping customers in Southeast Asia, East Asia as well as Japan, in solving their contamination problems.

  • Promoting of Japanese food culture and creating new food cultures

    With a population of more than 600 million people and young workers, the Southeast Asian market has been continuing to grow.
    In this promising market, where ethnicities, religions and cultures are intertwined in complex, we aim to promote Japanese food-related products and disseminate sustainable food cultures to local food manufacturers and restaurant chain.



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