Borderless Company

The global network of HARADA shares the latest needs and know-how in real time. All information, knowledge and technology brought by the network are multiplied beyond borders of its business bases and industries involved just to provide optimal solutions.

Top quality

HARADA’s “Manufacturing” adopts its global standards that are based on strict quality standards cultivated in Japan, a country where people’s awareness of quality is very high. In terms of services, it offers “inspiring” quality covering everything consistently from introduction of the world’s advanced technologies to procuring the very thing in need and arranging it onto the site.

A century-old history

-Stay ever-changing-

The reason why HARADA has been able to survive for 100 years is just because it has evolved its business quickly and efficiently in response to the changes of the times. We are proud that it has successfully gained the trust of its partners all around the world by always pursuing better things without being satisfied with the current situation. We are sure it will keep challenging and growing with you, getting ideas from its own perspective for the best move.