HARADA ACCELERATOR Online Demo Day will be held on Dec 18.

9 start-ups seleceted from 167 applications have brushed up their business for five months.
The demo day will be delivered online from 16:00 on December 18th. We would like to lead to further business development of 9 start-ups.

We look forward to seeing you.

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Tokyo Factory
To continue to be No. 1 in the world. SaaS "Proceed Cloud" for manufacturing industry

Nishikigoi's cross-border EC platform "KoiFan"

Solving data security issues with advanced encryption technologie x secure computing x AI

Mi Terro
Produce fiber from discarded milk

Alacarte Ventures
Adjusting the wine to the desired alcohol concentration - Food Tech

Open Factory
On-demand apparel service "Printio" without stock 

Advancd all-in-one hotel system "WASIMIL"

SaaS "FisherNavi" that digitizes the fishing industry

Tech Design
Supply chain risk management SaaS "Resilire" for manufacturing industry

After each company pitches, we will have a question and answer session. (About 5 minutes each)
15:55〜 Opening 
16:00〜 Greetings and review of the program
16:10〜 (1) Tokyo Factory 
16:24〜 (2) KaaP 
16:36〜 (3) EAGLYS 
16:48〜 (4) Mi Terro (USA)
17:05〜 (5) Alacarte Ventures(Spain)
17:17〜 (6) OpenFactory
17:29〜 (7) AZOO
17:41〜 (8) Ocean Eyes
17:53〜 (9) Tech Design 
18:05〜  Closing remarks
18:15   Closing
※Schedule is subject to change.