We are participating in "Open House Osaka 2020."


Open House Osaka (In Japanese: Living Architecture Museum Festival Osaka) is one of the largest architectural events in Japan and has been held every fall since 2014.
(In 2019, we joined "Open House Worldwide," an international networking for public architectural events.)
"Living architecture" that tells various stories about the history, cultures and lives of the city of Osaka, ranging from historical architecture with long periods of time to contemporary architecture with state-of-the-art technology, opens its doors all at once.

Every year, visitors enjoyed a tour of the buildings in a real and open manner.
This year, the buildings will be opened to the public in a virtual setting, allowing people from around the world to enjoy Osaka's architecture.

Harada Corporation's Osaka Head Office Building, which was completed in 1928, also participates in this event every year,  and this year, we will make a special online release of the video and photos of the inside of the building.

The main period of the content release is October 24th (Saturday) and 25th (Sunday) (Japan time).
The contents can be viewed on the official website below during the period.
(Some contents are also available in English.)

We hope you can enjoy the charming architecture of Osaka to the full.

■Official website of Open House Osaka 2020