Use the Harada Group network to create and provide high added value services

South Korea is a world leader in the electronics and automotive industries.
We will contribute not only to existing industries led by major semiconductor, display and automobile manufacturers but also to new industries by utilizing Japanese technology.

  • Static electricity solution services

    Our products can solve peeling charge problems that occur during the manufacturing process of liquid crystal and organic EL displays, thereby contributing to the improvement of our customers’ production yield.
    We use fluororesin coating technology that we have cultivated over many years to coat and inspect our customers' designated parts, and then provide them to major display and equipment manufacturers in South Korea.

  • Consumable materials for manufacturers of semiconductors, displays, and MLCC

    We offer a wide range of consumables for use at manufacturing sites, especially in clean rooms, to manufacturers of semiconductors, displays, and MLCC in South Korea, a leading country in this field. We also offer value-added products by proposing nitrile gloves and wipers that can be tailored to each customer.

  • Sterilized consumable materials for pharmaceutical manufacturers

    We offer a variety of sterilized products, including gamma-sterilized rubber gloves, autoclave-sterilized gowns, hoods and shoes, to South Korean pharmaceutical plants. We also offer sterilized sprayers used in the manufacturing process of injectable drugs.

  • Consumable materials for food manufacturers

    Our products can solve the problems of hair and foreign substance mixture that occurs in food factories. We offer hair-fall preventive hoods that are designed based on our customer feedback, and "VERSA-K SHOES," a product specializing in solving problems in the South Korean market.

  • Development and export business of consumable materials

    We have tie-ups with South Korean manufacturers with high-quality, price-competitiveness and advanced technologies, thereby developing products suitable even for their harsh clean environments.
    In addition, these products are also provided to countries around the world through the Harada Group's global network.



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