Unceasing challenge as the added-value creators

China is rapidly changing. The speed of obsolescence in its market is also fast. We are Harada (Shanghai) Corporation, who have a steady and trustworthy reputation as a Japanese company. We use our worldwide planning ability and global network as the backdrops for business innovations to consistently create added value that the Chinese market will embrace. We are always challenging ourselves to be a partner that can grow along with our customers.

  • Subsidiary materials for semiconductors and electronics

    Many customers choose to use our developed clean room products, such as gloves and wipers. We support cleanliness at our customers’ sites and their diverse needs based on our reliability as a Japanese trading company, and planning ability we have cultivated over many years. Currently, we are developing solutions to reduce foreign substance contamination based on our extensive cleaning know-how backed by our rich experience in this field.

  • Products for settlement of electrostatic problems

    We propose the solutions against electrostatic problems that could lead to foreign substance adhesion and product breakage.
    We can respond to various problems related to static electricity our customers have by proposing characteristic products, such as visualization items for static electricity and our light-irradiated ionizers for the LCD and AMOLED industries.

  • Environmental products

    In response to the increase of stricter environmental regulations in China in recent years, we have rolled out the products such as cleaning solutions that are alternative organic solvents. Our cleaning solutions can reduce VOCs for workers’ safety. We also offer air-efficient energy-saving products.



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