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Cleaning Tools

High grade cleaning tools for Electronics and Pharmaceutical industries.
- Wiper, Swab, Mopping system, Vacuum cleaner


Vegetable-origin provides friendly to environment and workers
“No Flash Point”, so possible to remove stains by heating
Low VOC for working environment improvement
20L (Bag-In-Box)

H-TECH® Wiper SP-W220 / W240

Low particle generation and Ion Contaminates
100% polyester, knitted wiper
W220: 120g/m2
W240: 140g/m2
Cleanliness: ISO class 5
4" : 600 pcs / bag, 12 bags / ctn
6" : 300 pcs / bag, 12 bags / ctn
9" : 150 pcs / bag, 12 bags / ctn

PurMop® / PurQuip® - Cleaning Trolley Systems

Touchfree mop wetting system
Various types of Mop materials, handle length and trolley systems
Single-use mop head provides cleanliness of cleanroom environment

PurVac® KT15 - Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner

Stainless steel parts in premium finish, electro-polished
Dual ULPA filtration, 99.9995% filtration efficiency
Controlled air outlet near to the ground
Handle on motor head for easy handling
Stainless steel castors housings, grease-free bearings
Soft, trackless rubber castors, fully autoclavable
Tank inlet with cap
Tank is fully autoclavable
QuickConnect system for easy access to all parts
Designed and engineered in Germany

Cleanroom PVA Brush & Sponge Roller

Easy Installation
One Time Molding
High Performance Cleanliness
Stable Lifespan
Each Lot has traceability
Packed in Cleanroom Class 100


UltraSORB® Wipers are highly absorbent wipers that combine excellent ESD characteristics with Class 100 cleanliness
Its unique pore structure allows for controlled solvent transfer to screen and metal masks to aid in the removal of solder paste, conductive adhesives and thick film inks
High density construction and sponge-like properties make it ideal for particle sensitive metal mask cleaning operations. Open-cell, soft foam structure allows for soft wiping to protect screen emulsions
Excellent abrasion resistance and fluid retention enables fiber-free wiping of Thick Film screens, pad printers and hot molds. stencil face and apertures via under stencil wiping
HT4644 : 50 pcs / bag, 50 bags / ctn
HT4666 : 50 pcs / bag, 50 bags / ctn
HT4699 : 50 pcs / bag, 25 bags / ctn

Kuraray Wiper

Fibers are strong and interwine with each other, allowing less particles generation from itself
This wiper has good liquid absorbency, excellent liquid holding and liquid wiping-off properties
It has a soft surface, making it suitable for wiping delicate and fine surface
FF-390C : 100 pcs / bag, 30 bags / ctn
RF-30 : 100 pcs / bag, 30 bags / ctn
SF-30C : 100 pcs / bag, 30 bags / ctn
LF-30C : 100 pcs / bag, 30 bags / ctn

Autoclavable Spray Bottle #885 / #887

Fully autoclavable
International patented piston structure
500 ml capacity
Suitable to use with IPA(Isopropyl Alcohol) - #887 only
Made in Japan
24 bottles / ctn